Get Bombora Intent data directly into your system of record to optimize sales processes, build quality pipeline, and increase velocity:

  • Outbound Sales Prioritization: Prioritize which target accounts your sales team focuses on with the knowledge of which accounts are most interested in what you sell.
  • Account Scoring: Bombora integrates as a custom object on the account or lead level, which means we fit seamlessly into the existing workflows and processes you’ve already created.
  • Content & Messaging: Know what to say to your prospect accounts based on their topics of interest and have higher quality conversations.

Are you a customer migrating to the new app?

Bombora launched Company Surge for Salesforce 2.0 on May 10, 2022. 

If you were using the Salesforce app before this date, please follow these instructions to migrate to the new app: 

Migrate to the new SFDC app


How to Install Company Surge for Salesforce

Bombora’s app is installed as a managed package by your Salesforce administrator. This package includes all necessary components for the Bombora Admin app, custom fields, and embeddable data widgets. 

  • Download the full User and Installation Guide for detailed step-by-step instructions & FAQs about the new Salesforce 2.0 app
  • Watch the video to the right of the end-to-end installation of the latest version of the new Salesforce 2.0
  • Reference the Technical Architecture and Support Documentation as a supplemental resource to better understand key terms, components, and features of Bombora’s Salesforce app
Testing in Sandbox

How to Install Company Surge for Salesforce in a Sandbox Environment

If your company has access to a Salesforce Sandbox environment, this will help you to identify any workflows or dependencies that will need to be addressed before deploying the package to production.

NOTES before you begin: Any settings or customizations you build and test in a sandbox will not be migrated into your production environment. The use of a sandbox is for testing and training purposes outside of your production environment.

Quick steps for installation using a sandbox:

    1. Install the new Company Surge® for Salesforce 2.0 app in your sandbox environment following instructions from the User and Installation Guide.
      • Within the sandbox environment, recreate and test any dependent or custom fields that you use with the legacy app in your production environment
      • Leave the sandbox installed as you move to the next steps.

Lastly, install the new Company Surge® for Salesforce 2.0 app in your production environment following instructions from the User and Installation Guide.

Activation & Best Practices

Best Practices for custom reports, dashboards, and widgets in Salesforce using Intent data.

Set up Salesforce for the most common Intent data activations such as account prioritization and lead segmentation. Best practices are below:

Note: There are many ways to activate Intent data in any marketing automation platform or ABX strategy. See our Playbooks for more ideas!
Net New Account Feature

Surface new in-market accounts and add them directly to Salesforce.

Company Surge® reports in the Bombora UI can provide you with a list of previously unknown businesses that are actively researching your products or services. With HubSpot Net New activated, Bombora can create these company records in HubSpot. 

Learn how to utilize this feature:

Advanced Configurations: Contact Data

View Company Surge data on a Contact record.

Company Surge® is only tracked at the Company level, however, you can append the Surge data from companies to the corresponding Contacts. 

Learn how to set up this advanced configuration:  Pushing Bombora Company level data to Contact object in HubSpot via workflow

Release Notes

In the Salesforce AppExchange, you can see which version of Company Surge for Salesforce you have installed.  It is recommended you update to the latest version to enjoy the benefits of the app. 

Here are the different releases and the corresponding updates: 


Introduced the 'Bombora Standard Access” permission level to be used for standard users who may not need full admin access but need more than read-only access.

  • 'Bombora Standard Access' defined: Full access to Bombora data, including standard operations like Lead conversion and Account creation which may interact with Bombora functionality. Should be the primary permission set for day to day Salesforce users. No access to the Bombora Admin app


Introduced four (4) new custom fields available on Account and Lead objects. These fields allow users to create list views that leverage Bombora data and allow outside connections that require Bombora data to live outside of a custom object.

Added Fields:

  • Average ‘Surge’ Score Summary

    • The is the average ‘Surge’ Score across all selected topics that the business is spiking on

    • This will show the average ‘Surge’ score across all topics for a given account/lead

  • Topic Count Summary

    • The number of topics from the list of selected topics for which the business is spiking on across all clusters

    • This will show the user the number of topics, across all clusters, that a given account/lead is showing Intent on and can be used to prioritize outreach. Higher topic count = more active research observed by Bombora

  • Strongest Intent Cluster (defined as the cluster with the highest topic count + average surge score as a tie-breaker)

    • The topic cluster with the highest active ‘Topic Count’ for this business

    • This will show which cluster has the most Intent activity on a given account/lead and can be used in routing records into workflows based on the cluster

  • Strongest Cluster - Topic Count

    • The topic count of the cluster identified in the ‘Strongest Intent Cluster’ field

    • This will be used to prioritize accounts/leads in the workflow routed mentioned above

For more information, please see our Technical Architecture and Support Documentation


Bug fixes related to new fields.

Prior to this release, field values on the Bombora custom object record were only updated when a new record was created. This fix ensures field values will be updated when an update is made to an existing record.


Introduced ability for Salesforce admins to disable apex triggers associated with new fields. This update increases the stability of the data sync process that populates the new custom fields.


Allowed new fields to be populated directly through the data sync process removing the need for problematic apex triggers and resolve lingering data sync issues.

Data is only as good as its Activation.

Follow the Bombora Playbook model to first understand how you intend to use the data in your ABX go-to-market strategy, which will help you determine how to set up reports and workflows with the Company Surge for Salesforce integration. 

  • Plan: Build Intent Signals that align to your go-to-market (GTM) strategy.
  • Activate: Apply those Signals in Salesforce.
  • Measure: Track your metrics against the GTM strategy based on the activation.
Playbooks guide you on how to activate Intent data. The Bombora Customer Experience team has written our new Playbooks to help you action on Intent data at every stage in the ABX funnel. 
See all playbooks

Customer Success Story: Exterro

Exterro identified several enterprise accounts in an active buying cycle that were previously unknown to them. In fact, many were lost opportunities from previous years.

Using a sales intelligence dashboard in Salesforce that combines Company Surge® and G2 Intent data, plus website visitor data from Triblio, sales reps can find out which accounts are interested in Exterro’s products each week — and to what extent. 

Read the full story.