With integrations into every major DSP and DMP, Bombora's Audience Solutions allows you to reach B2B audiences at scale - enhancing your ABM strategy with targeting precision.

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Understanding the data

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Omni-channel audience activation

Reach your B2B audiences across DSPs/DMPs, paid social, native ad platforms, advanced TV, and more. Learn how Bombora has also expanded into supply-side platform (SSP) targeting.


Data fuels Bombora's Audience Solutions

The scale of Bombora's B2B Data Co-op enables us to create hundreds of syndicated audiences to meet all of your targeting needs. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us create a custom audience for you!

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Cookieless targeting with new identifiers using Bombora Digital Audience Targeting

Bombora’s firmographic and ABM digital audiences are now available without 3rd party cookies through new identifiers—using IP addresses, mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs), and hashed emails (HEMs) in the United States. Bombora’s expansion from traditional demand-side platform (DSP) activation and technology partners into supply-side platform (SSP) activation allows B2B brands and agencies with additional avenues for audience targeting and activation. Read more.

Get access and login

Users can access Audience Solutions in the Bombora User Interface.

Self-Serve: Use Digital Audience Builder (DAB) to create audiences

Learn how to build and activate your own audiences based on profile and Intent data using Audience Solutions Self-Service, integrated with major DSPs and DMPs.

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Facebook Activation

Create relevant B2B audiences on Facebook for full-funnel activation. Bombora's integration with Facebook's platform enables you to reach B2B data-enhanced custom audiences on Facebook in two ways:

1. Use Account-Based Marketing (ABM) or a Company Surge® list of companies demonstrating active intent on topics of interest. Layer additional firm-level and persona-level attributes from available options below if desired.

2. Select firm-level and persona-level attributes from our expansive list of options to build a custom audience.

To learn more and get started, reference our Activation Guide and One Sheet.

Advanced TV

While consumer targeting for Advanced TV has gotten crowded, business targeting remains largely untapped. To truly capitalize on TV, B2B advertisers need more relevant professional audiences still underserved by B2C datasets. That is why Bombora’s business audience segments are suited for B2B advertisers to more effectively engage their audiences through Advanced TV.

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The Trade Desk (TTD) Integration

Through a direct connection between TTD and Bombora, advertisers can target desired audiences globally across programmatic display, video, audio and connected TV (CTV).

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Other Social Media Platforms

In addition to Facebook, scale and diversify your social campaigns by activating custom ABM and intent-based audiences across:

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter

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Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

Use Bombora’s measurement solutions to verify that you are reaching your target accounts and able to identify site visitors.

  • Audience Verification tracks the success of your programmatic ABM by measuring your target account reach.
  • Visitor Insights identifies the target accounts on your website and the composition of visitors. 


See Bombora's Measurement Solutions

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