Understanding Company Surge Scores

An increase in intent is detected when an organization that Bombora monitors in its ecosystem demonstrates an identifiable pattern of elevated content consumption compared to its historical baseline. Businesses with scores of 60 or more on a given topic are considered spiking as they have shown a statistically significant increase in consumption of the given topic compared to their baseline activity. In general, Bombora best practices dictate setting scores at a minimum of 60, and utilize topic thresholding to ensure a strong intent signal. 

Read the Bombora Company Surge UI user guide in how to apply score thresholds to a UI report
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Understanding Topic Thresholds

In a Company Surge report or in your integration or activation channel, you should always use a topic threshold filter. This ensures the strongest intent signal.

The filter enables you to require a minimum number of topics that a business spikes on to be returned in your report.  Bombora recommends setting your topic threshold to at least 25% of the total topics in your report or cluster. For example, if you select 12 topics and want only businesses spiking on 3 or more topics, increase the threshold to 3 in ‘Topic Threshold’ section.

Read the Bombora Company Surge UI user guide in how to apply topic thresholds to a UI report. 

Understanding Clusters

Topic clusters Intent topic clusters are groups of likeminded granular topics representative of all facets of a product or service that provide a broader understanding of interest on interrelated topics. Using clusters in combination with a topic threshold presents a strong intent signal.

Read the Intent Topic Selection Guide for information on clusters (pages 5 & 6)

Read the Bombora Company Surge UI user guide in how to use clusters in a UI report.

Watch the video to learn how to use the Topic Cluster Manager Tool. 

Building a Signal with Scores, Thresholds, and Clusters

Combining the power of a Surge score, topic threshold and clustering, you can build Signals that point to accounts along the entire ABX funnel. 

Read how to Build an Intent Signal here.

Download the Signal UI User Guide
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