As a Bombora-Powered partner, 6sense offers access to Bombora Intent topics inside its system and allows Bombora customers to seamlessly integrate their Company Surge® into 6sense predictive models.

  • Net New Accounts: Company Surge Intent data surfaces additional accounts in 6sense that are in-market to buy, growing your targetable audience by an average of 15%.

  • Account Prioritization: 6sense aggregates Company Surge®, 1st, and 3rd party data to place accounts in their appropriate buying stages, so you can spend more time selling, and less time data crunching.

  • Account Scoring & Intent-Qualified Predictive Models: Dynamically orchestrate campaigns to target accounts, reaching the right buyers with the right message at the right time – and across channels.

Customer Success: Kazoo

How Kazoo combined the power of Bombora and 6sense to find more in market accounts

With a substantial market opportunity and limited marketing resources, Kazoo used an intent-based approach to focus their investment and outreach on their highest priority accounts.

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6sense ABM Segmentation 

Build audiences based on Intent and serve ads, emails, content to these audiences through the 6sense activation channels. 

See how to utilize this 6sense feature here.

6sense Predictive Modelling

Add Bombora Intent into predictive modeling to show accounts by stage in the buying cycle.

See how to utilize this 6sense feature here.


Sales Insights 

View Intent topic engagement in Salesforce views that help align sales and marketing to the same accounts.

See how to utilize this 6sense feature here.

Getting Started with Bombora Intent data in 6sense


1. Build Your Bombora Signal (and choose Topics to activate in 6sense)

Compile your Bombora Company Surge Topics and Signals

What is a Signal? An Intent Signal is a strategic collection of intent topics based on your GTM strategy for a Playbook, that are set with parameters such as topic threshold, score threshold, industry focus, etc.  A Signal provides an aggregate view of interest by an account for a particular product, feature, business persona, need, and more. 

2. Activate your Topics in 6sense

There are a few ways to activate topics in 6sense:

  • Work with your CSMs: Ask your 6sense CSM to help you activate your Bombora topics in the platform.  Your 6sense and Bombora CSMs will work together and with you to retrieve and upload your topics. 
  • Manually select the Topics within your Signals: Within your 6sense platform, you can manually set up your Signals and individual topics within the modules you are using (example: Predictive Modeling).

Net New Account Feature

Surface new in-market accounts and add them directly to Salesforce.

Company Surge® reports in the Bombora UI can provide you with a list of previously unknown businesses that are actively researching your products or services. With HubSpot Net New activated, Bombora can create these company records in HubSpot. 

Learn how to utilize this feature:

Advanced Configurations: Contact Data

View Company Surge data on a Contact record.

Company Surge® is only tracked at the Company level, however, you can append the Surge data from companies to the corresponding Contacts. 

Learn how to set up this advanced configuration:  Pushing Bombora Company level data to Contact object in HubSpot via workflow

Data is only as good as its Activation.

Follow the Bombora Playbook model to first understand how you intend to use the data in your go-to-market strategy, which will help you determine how to set up prioritization, predictive modeling or sales insights in 6sense using Company Surge Intent data. 

  • Plan: Build Intent Signals that align to your go-to-market (GTM) strategy.
  • Activate: Apply those Signals in 6sense.
  • Measure: Track your metrics against the GTM strategy based on the activation.
Playbooks are how you activate intent data. The Bombora Customer Experience team has written our new Playbooks to help our customers activate intent data at every stage in the ABX funnel. 
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