Use Bombora’s integration with Outreach for:

  • Outbound Sales Prioritization: Segment and prioritize your existing target accounts based on Intent data to focus on those most likely to convert.
  • Content & Messaging: Know what to say to your prospect accounts based on their topics of interest and have higher quality conversations.
  • ...and more.
Outreach Integration Packages

Outreach customers can access Bombora Intent in two ways: Freemium and with a Direct Bombora License 

Bombora Company Surge® data is integrated with Outreach to create ‘high priority’ tasks when accounts show buyer intent for those topics. These tasks help account owners take immediate action to engage their high intent accounts.

There are two ways to use Bombora Intent Topics in Outreach:

  • Bombora Direct License customers:
    • Access to unlimited Intent Topics in Outreach.
    • Enhanced customization of data in Outreach to automatically create triggers and sequences beyond the task based alerts.
    • Portability of data to other systems to facilitate other uses/campaigns (Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Rollworks, Terminus, etc).
  • Outreach "freemium" users can only select a minimum of 10 and up to 25 topics.

Download the user guide for more information. 

What To Expect with a Direct License

What you'll have access to in Outreach

Bombora Company Surge® data is integrated with Outreach to create ‘high priority’ tasks when accounts show buyer intent for those topics. These tasks help account owners take immediate action to engage their high intent accounts. 

  • Bombora Intent topics: See the topics your target accounts are engaging with now.
  • Weekly updates: New Intent-driven tasks populate every week.
  • Automated tasks: Account owners receive a ‘high priority’ task for accounts showing buyer intent.
  • Topic count: Know how many Intent topics your target accounts are engaging with - the greater the number, the hotter the account. 
  • Topic Threshold: (Direct License customers only) Customization of the topic threshold and number of tasks that Outreach users receive. This allows adjustment of topic thresholds based on user feedback and the ability to increase the number of Intent-driven tasks users receive every week.
  • # of Tasks per user: (Direct License customers only) This field allows you to set the maximum number of high priority Intent-driven tasks that can be created per Outreach user.

Download the user guide for more information. 


Installation of Company Surge for Outreach

Company Surge® is integrated directly into Outreach through the Bombora User Interface, and can be installed by a Bombora Admin user. 

  • Login to the Bombora User Interface and navigate to the Integrations tab. 
  • Choose Outreach, and you'll be prompted to login with your Outreach credentials. 
    • Once completed, the Outreach window will close, and you will see another success message.
  • The topic selection tool will open automatically when your Outreach account has been successfully authenticated. (See instructions below in the next dropdown window.)

Download the full User Guide for instructions and images. 

Activate Intent Topics in Outreach

Select Intent topics from Bombora’s taxonomy that will be monitored for engagement and content consumption behavior.

Depending on the Bombora package that you have:

  • Outreach "freemium" users will need to select a minimum of 10 and up to 25 topics
  • Bombora Direct License customers can set their minimum and maximum according to their subscription.

The ‘high priority’ tasks that your users receive in Outreach will be based on on the topics that you select. These topics should be relevant to your brand, products and services.  Please refer to Building a Signal to help with your selection.

Download the full user guide for four ways to connect your topics in Outreach:

  1. Direct upload - Recommended Approach  (7.4 in the user guide)– Upload your pre-selected topics for your Signal in a CSV format. 
  2. Manual selection - Best to build an initial group of topics, by searching key topics related to your business.
  3. Selecting topics by filtering on ‘Theme’ or ‘Category’ - Best to find topics outside your core group of topics, that are related to your industry or competitors.
  4. Topic suggestion tool - Best if you have a core group of topics and want suggested topics related to these.

Viewing tasks in Outreach

Outreach users will receive high priority Intent-driven tasks for their accounts each week. 

The Bombora + Outreach integration only uses the 'Account Object' and the above fields to deliver Intent-driven tasks. You do not need to create any custom fields to activate the integration in your account. Tasks will be created weekly, usually on Sunday.

  • To receive Intent-driven tasks, the following is required:

    1. 'Account Object' - The integration uses this object to deliver Intent-driven tasks. Tasks cannot be populated against the 'Prospect Object'.

    2. 'Domain' and/or 'Website' - This field is used to match your list of accounts against Bombora's database of monitored accounts. If missing, Bombora cannot match Intent data insights against your database of accounts.

    3. 'Owner' - This field determines which of your users receives weekly tasks per account. Accounts with no assigned owner, will not receive tasks.

Read more about Intent-Driven tasks here.

Reassign the ownership of a task


This video shows how to reassign the sequences and subsequent tasks to an entirely different user and mailbox.

To accomplish the above in an automatic fashion, there is the Propogate Prospect Ownership feature in Outreach.  This allows for “Every time a prospect (lead/contact) owner changes in Salesforce and, therefore in Outreach, automatically reassign all future tasks and current sequences to the new owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we receive Intent driven tasks?
Intent-driven tasks will appear the week after you connected the integration.

How do I check the connection?
View your log of tasks the week after you connected your account and filter by ‘Due Date’ or ‘High Priority’. The tasks should display as shown on the previous page.

Are Intent-driven tasks available in the Outreach Anywhere plugin?
Yes. Intent-driven tasks will be available through the Outreach Anywhere plugin.

Data is only as good as its Activation.

Follow the Bombora Playbook model to first understand how you intend to use the data in your ABX go-to-market strategy, which will help you determine how to set up reports and workflows with the Company Surge for Outreach integration. 

  • Plan: Build Intent Signals that align to your go-to-market (GTM) strategy.
  • Activate: Apply those Signals in Outreach.
  • Measure: Track your metrics against the GTM strategy based on the activation.
Playbooks are how you activate intent data. The Bombora Customer Experience team has written our new Playbooks to help our customers activate intent data at every stage in the ABX funnel. 
See all playbooks