Use Bombora’s integration with HubSpot for :

  • Outbound Sales Prioritization: Segment and prioritize your existing target accounts based on Intent data to focus on those most likely to convert.
  • Account Scoring & Workflows: Bombora integrates as a custom field on the Company or Contact level, which means we fit seamlessly into the existing workflows and processes you’ve already created.
  • Identifying Net-New In-Market Accounts: Build Bombora Surge Reports for previously unknown, in-market accounts and have them automatically added to your HubSpot instance.
  • Content & Messaging: Know what to say to your prospect accounts based on their topics of interest and have higher quality conversations.
  • ...and more.

Installation of Company Surge for HubSpot

Company Surge® is integrated directly into HubSpot through the Bombora User Interface, and can be installed by a Bombora Admin user.  


Build custom reports, lists, dashboards and views in HubSpot using Intent Data.

Set up HubSpot for the most common ABM activations such as account list prioritization, lead segmentation and routing, and workflows for ABM nurturing:

  • List Segmentation Activations: Learn how Company Surge® for HubSpot can help you create intent-based account lists that can be used for segmentation and prioritization.

  • Workflows & Scoring Activation: Learn how Company Surge® for HubSpot can help you create intent-based workflows and account scoring models to better execute ABM campaigns, and route contacts and accounts to the right paths. 

Note: There are many ways to activate Intent Data in any marketing automation platform or ABX strategy. See our Playbooks for more ideas. 
Net New Account Feature

Surface new in-market accounts and add them directly to HubSpot.

Company Surge® reports in the Bombora UI can provide you with a list of previously unknown businesses that are actively researching your products or services. With HubSpot Net New activated, Bombora can create these company records in HubSpot. 

Learn how to utilize this feature:

Advanced Configurations: Contact Data

View Company Surge data on a Contact record.

Company Surge® is only tracked at the Company level, however, you can append the Surge data from companies to the corresponding Contacts. 

Learn how to set up this advanced configuration:  Pushing Bombora Company level data to Contact object in HubSpot via workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

Data is only as good as its Activation.

Follow the Bombora Playbook model to first understand how you intend to use the data in your ABX go-to-market strategy, which will help you determine how to set up reports and workflows with the Company Surge for HubSpot integration. 

  • Plan: Build Intent Signals that align to your go-to-market (GTM) strategy.
  • Activate: Apply those Signals in HubSpot.
  • Measure: Track your metrics against the GTM strategy based on the activation.
Playbooks are how you activate intent data. The Bombora Customer Experience team has written our new Playbooks to help our customers activate intent data at every stage in the ABX funnel. 
See all playbooks

Customer Success: Turtl

How Turtl built Intent-based HubSpot workflows to make SDRs more efficient

This on-demand webinar outlines how Turtl built Intent-based workflows in HubSpot to help their SDR team focus on the accounts most likely to buy.