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Walk through the different applications of Bombora Company Surge data (aka Playbooks) & best practices, and hear from fellow customers about their experiences with Intent data.

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Get started with Playbooks. 

Playbooks are how you activate intent data, and we have one for everyone - from new customers, to advanced users.

Intent data is only data - until you put it into action. The Bombora Customer Experience team has written our new Playbooks to help our customers activate intent data at every stage in the ABX funnel. 

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Product Showcase

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NEW! Company Surge for Salesforce app 2.0

The new Bombora Salesforce app allows users to embed customer Intent data directly into the Account and Lead objects in Salesforce CRM.

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Market Insights

Market Insights visualizes Intent data over time to deliver actionable intelligence for sales and marketing. Use easy-to-understand dashboards to analyze topic trends and levels of intent across B2B accounts.

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Apply Intent Data across your entire organization


Understand your Total Addressable In-Market 

You likely know your total addressable market (TAM) - but what about the accounts that are actually in-market?

Understanding the interest level of your TAM and who is in-market is the first step to an account-based experience (ABX). Use Bombora Market Insights to quickly and easily understand the breakdown of your TAM, their interest level in your product or solution, and other valuable insights for your go-to-market plan. Start here.


Identify Intent Qualified Accounts to Nurture

Account-based marketing (ABM) means identifying accounts that are in-market, and messaging to them across the entire B2B buyer's journey. Use Bombora Market Insights to not only identify the in-market accounts, but determine the content that they are looking for. Then, build target accounts lists with Bombora Company Surge to campaign to them at the right moment and with the right content. Start here.


Conduct Outbound Sales & Build Pipeline

Sell more efficiently by focusing on accounts that are further along the buyer's journey as exhibited in increased research velocity about your products or solutions. Run Company Surge Reports and send accounts directly to your sales platforms for teams to work immediately.

Rinse and repeat by mirroring what your current pipeline of accounts researched through a Lookback or Historical Buyer's Journey Analysis (HBJA).  Start here.



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View a list of our upcoming events. Virtual and in-person events cover in-depth topics on how to use intent data, best practices on everything ABX, and see what other customers are doing with intent.

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